Judging Criteria

Up to 100 marks to be awarded for each performance.


Creativity (10 points)

Be as creative as you want, think costume & set as well as choreography. Don’t be frightened to tell a story. Think about what you want the audience to feel.

Complexity (10 points)

​Make the dance visually exciting to watch, add lifts, holds & freezes. Know the style of dance you’re performing in & explore its catalogue of movement.

Formations/Transitions (10 points)

Make sure you travel / transition with intent making full use of space. Keep placement & formations neat & tight. Know where you should be.


Synchronisation/Timing (10 points)

​Know your music as well as the dance. Work on making sure your execution is in time & sync with each other as well as the music. Repetition is key to bringing timing together.

Spacing/Dynamics (10 points)

​Use all the space you have & use it with purpose. Change your levels by jumping, crawling, rolling & kneeling. Introduce moments of stillness to add depth.


Placing/Control (10 points)

​Think about posture, how you stand & hold yourself. What direction should you face, are your feet turned in or out? Where should your arms be? Avoid fidgeting or fixing hair.

Strength/Fluidity (10 points)

​Make sure each movement is smooth & runs seamlessly into the next. If your mixing styles this is an area to focus on. Showcase strength with lifts, holds & freezes.

Technique/Connectivity (10 points)

​Know the style or styles you are performing & deliver your choreography & movements correctly. Understand the music & entice the audience to connect & feel your dance.


Eye Contact/Enjoyability (10 points)

​Good eye contact can go a long way & will help the audience connect with you. Enjoy what you’re doing & be genuine. Remember, false smile stand out! If you enjoy what you do & feel it, chances are the audience will too.

Crowd Appeal (10 points)

​Whether it’s upbeat & crowd enticing or sombre & tells a story or strikes an emotion, the crowds response is important in letting judges know how well your dance was received.