About Us

Meet Rachel

Rachel was a Secondary School Drama and English teacher for 14 years and now works to bring active learning experiences into the primary arena through her company Dot To Dot Drama Ltd. Her passion has always been for Physical Theatre where “the excitement of stylised, symbolic movement and dance combine to create mesmerising experiences for all.” Regardless of age or experience learning should always be exciting and allow the expression of personality and passions. The Great Big Dance Off is a fantastic opportunity to create just such an experience and to celebrate the Arts in education.

Meet Andy

Andy works as part of the national network of School Games Organisers – the government funded programme to support the development of school sport competition. In addition to this, Andy teaches physical education in two Gloucestershire Primary Schools. A strong advocate for participation in physical activity, Andy is passionate about providing opportunities for all school pupils to enjoy and believes that positive experiences can lead to lifelong participation in a pursuit. The Great Big Dance Off is the perfect example, providing such an amazing experience that children will want again and again!